Potwari or Pahari-Potwari language (also known as Pothohari or Pothwari) is an Indo-European language spoken from Pakistan to Kashmir (Potwari is the second most spoken language of Kashmir) as well as in Sui Cheemian (Gujar Khan). It is closely related to Punjabi. Dialects include Pahari, Pothwari, Chibhali, Pindiwali, Punchhi and Mirpuri.

Potwari speakers may understand Punjabis both from India and Pakistan, but these groups may not understand Potwari - that is because the Punjabi is the second-most spoken language in the subcontinent as a whole and in both India and Pakistan respectively whilst Potwari is highly concentrated in the North of Pakistan.

In the United Kingdom over 70% of British Pakistanis speak Potwari as their first language.

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